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Burglary Prevention

A recent panel of convicted burglars presented and stated this is the crime of their choice which is a crime of opportunity. Each panelist committed about 150-200 burglaries. They look for high class areas to target. Most committed the crimes with others to act as a look out or keep a car ready for the escape. They usually do not return to a house a second time. 

Most used some prep work surveillance on the target area by watching your home to see your movement.  They look to see if mail and newspapers are accumulating. They look to see if you cut your grass or shovel your snow. They like to commit the crime during work hours. They prefer single family homes. The businesses they like to burglarize are places that sell cigarettes or phones.  

They avoid houses where the neighbors know each other and talk. 

Most wear a hoodie and jeans. Some wear gloves inside your home. Some bring a bag or backpack to take your items.  Some use your bags or pillow cases to remove items.


Most entered the house in the rear or side windows. They like fences that hide their movement. They like to jiggle doors to see if they will open. 

Most like to go to the master bedroom and children's rooms for electronic games. They like to get cash, jewelry and valuable items. 

They are in and out within 5-10 minutes. Most have no issue with alarms and use that as a timer to get in and get out before the police arrive. 

They do not mind dogs. They bring biscuits and peanut butter sandwiches to give to the dogs.          

They hope to find weapons in the house and will take those. 

They do not like cameras that capture their identity.


Most got caught when others told police of their activity. 


Do not advertise your whereabouts on social media.

Lock windows and doors. Check wood around windows and air conditioners. Get grates for air conditioners so they can't push in the air conditioner to gain access. 

Do not put boxes in the alley to advertise your new purchases. 

Do not leave items in your car including garage clickers and registration.  

Here is another resource that outlines various alarm system options.

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