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We Will Chicago​


On July 14, 2022, Mayor Lightfoot announced Chicago's first-ever citywide plan, which was drafted by neighborhood residents and community leaders, and is now available for public comment and discussion through the fall.

As a 10-year framework to enhance citywide equity and resiliency, the draft "We Will Chicago" plan includes approximately 40 goals and 150 objectives to improve Chicagoans' lives, especially individuals impacted by inequities in health, economic stability, neighborhood livability, and other systemic issues.

More information including the draft plan can be found on the We Will Chicago website.

To introduce the various pillars of the plan and gather community input, there will be a seven-part series on We Will Chicago, hosted by the Metropolitan Planning Council, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and the City of Chicago. Each event in the series will feature a panel presentation of international and local city experts, along with an interactive participant workshop to provide feedback and input on the plan’s draft policies. This is the first citywide plan in more than fifty years - don’t miss your chance to engage with fellow Chicagoans on strategies and ideas to improve the city’s future!

The full calendar and registration information can be found here.

The second event, entitled "Public Health and Safety," is on August 18, 2022 from 12:00pm - 1:30pm. Public health and safety are about more than physical well-being. Health is determined by social and economic factors, the environment people live in, personal behaviors, as well as health care quality and access. Individuals and neighborhoods are also unevenly exposed to violence due to multiple factors that can occur in an instant or over many years. Chicagoans need access to resources, environments, and opportunities that promote optimal health and well-being. Public health and safety policies should be more responsive and proactive so that residents and neighborhoods are fairly and consistently protected and cared for during times of both wellbeing and crisis.

Join the Metropolitan Planning Council as we explore international models that advance the goal of creating healthy cities that work for everyone. You will hear from global voices on successful international initiatives and from City of Chicago leaders on the relevant policies included in the We Will Chicago draft framework plan. These policies and your input can help lead to more livable and vibrant communities. These policies and your input can help lead to more livable and vibrant communities.  Registration is now open.

Further presentations include (times TBD):

Thursday, September 15, 2022: Lifelong Learning  

Wednesday, October 26, 2022: Transportation and Infrastructure  

Thursday, November 10, 2022: Economic Development  

Tubman Local School Council Openings

The Harriet Tubman Elementary School Local School Council is looking for parent and a community representatives who are interested in engaging with the school community and playing an active role in ensuring positive student outcomes and a dynamic school environment. Successful candidates will fill vacancies for a two year term ending June 30, 2024. More details can be found here.