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My Neighborhood


CLVN holds events in the area to promote the neighborhood and for neighbors to get to know each other. Here is an list of our standard annual activities (please note some events may be postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic):


February:  Beer tasting (all funds raised go toward neighborhood beautification)


April:  Chicago Clean and Green in which we seek volunteers to pick up trash and clean the neighborhood. 

April/May:  Wine tasting (all funds raised go toward neighborhood beautification)

April/May:  Annual flower/plant sale (all funds go toward neighborhood beautification)

May:  Bartend at neighborhood festivals (tip money is used for the neighborhood efforts)


June, July and August:  Co-sponsor outdoor movies at Hawthorne School


Spring/Summer:  Volunteers help with the corners for planting, maintenance and watering

October:  Sell Halloween items (such as taffy apples) at the Harriet Tubman IB School Halloween Party (all funds raised are given to the school)


December:  CLVN annual holiday party

In addition, throughout the year CLVN closely works with the following groups:


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