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Volunteer Your Time in Your Neighborhood

Your community hospital, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, is a large medical complex that can be challenging for visitors to navigate. Advocate is looking for our neighbor’s help in volunteering at the campus, to offer our frail visitors some assistance maneuvering around the hospital.

This program plays a pivotal role within the Guest Services Department and offers volunteers the chance to give back to those in need of healing. As a volunteer, you will benefit from exercise, acts of kindness and knowing that you offered companionship to those seeking it.

As a show of gratitude, Advocate will be offering volunteers a voucher for a free meal on every shift and will validate your garage parking tickets. For those interested in joining, please email

Lakeview Pantry Needs Volunteers

Since the COVID-19 outbreak hit the city, visitors to Lakeview Pantry, Chicago’s largest food pantry, including all of the Pantry’s food programs (physical sites, Online Market and Home Delivery) have increased by over 80%. To help keep up with demand, and offer a safe space for volunteers to help sort and pack food, the Pantry will be setting up and managing a temporary satellite food distribution center on the main concourse at Wrigley Field. They are in need of more volunteers to meet demand, visit to learn more and sign up. Can’t volunteer? Consider making a donation to help those in need.

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