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KENMORE PLAYLOT (3141 N. Kenmore) - This is a great neighborhood park for all to enjoy.


MARTIN PLAYLOT (922 W. Fletcher) - This park is another great neighborhood park for all to enjoy.


WEISMAN PARK (901 W. Oakdale) - This park is one of the gems of Central Lakeview. It has a three water features spray pad which is a big hit for kids and parents alike in the summer. This space was completely renovated in 2005 through the fund-raising efforts of the Weisman Park Advisory Council. Since the $425,000+ renovation, the Council raised additional funds for further upgrades and improvements. Those improvements include landscaping, a mosaic water fountain, shade shelter, additional natural seating, benches, an oversized blackboard and in 2021 a wall mural.  If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Weisman Park becoming a member of the Advisory Council, please send an email to  Any questions, want to make a donation for future improvements, or if you see something that needs repair, please contact Andi Berkowitz at the above email address.

The Weisman Park Advisory Council is an independent 501-3C through its partnership with Friends of the Parks and not a committee within CLVN. Any donations to the WPAC are fully tax deductible and you will be provided a letter for your tax records. Checks should be made payable to WPAC. Send an email to above address for mailing instructions.


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