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Landmarking & Preservation


“Landmark designation benefits all the citizens of Chicago – present and future. Landmarks help stabilize and redevelop our neighborhoods and preserve the city’s architectural and cultural heritage. They also provide a significant economic benefit to both the owner and the community."


Landmark designation means that a building or district has a significant value to the historic architectural and cultural heritage of the city. This status can only be conveyed by the Chicago City Council, based on a recommendation from the commission. There are over 100 buildings in our neighborhood that have been designated as historically significant.


Below are the landmarked homes within CLVN:


  • W. Oakdale Ave. 814 thru 858 (evens) Oakdale Avenue District

  • W. Oakdale Ave. 815 thru 859 (odds) Oakdale Avenue District

  • W. Oakdale Ave. 1038 thru 1058 (evens) Terra Cotta Row District

  • W. Oakdale Ave. 1055 thru 1059 (odds) Terra Cotta Row District

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