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19TH POLICE DISTRICT PUBLIC MEETINGS: The 19th Police District has announced their schedule for their 2022 CAPS meetings. The schedule can be found here. (Please note the attached file was updated on January 13, 2022.)

GENERAL: Visit the Chicago Police Department Community web site at

On this site you can sign up for CLEARpath to receive alerts and information from the Chicago Police.  Additionally, you can learn more about starting a Block Club and register your organization.  Knowing your neighbors and looking out for each other is another way to make your community safer.  Need help registering your block?  Contact our CAPS liaison at 312-744-0064.

CLVN is a part of the 19th Police District in Chicago.  The Police, Alderman Tunney and CLVN highly encourage blocks to get organized and registered with the City. It is a great way to get to know your neighbors and receive alerts from CAPS’s officer.

The police web site is a good resource and provides information on the latest crime stats for the 19th District.  If you can’t make a CAPS meeting…visit this CAPS site and keep updated on what is happening in our neighborhood.


GOING ON VACATION?  Keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Use an automatic timer to turn on lights and radio at different times of the day.

  • Have a trusted neighbor pick up your mail and newspaper.

  • Have a neighbor use your garbage cans occasionally.

  • Keep your entry ways well lit.

PORCHES, DECKS AND BALCONIES.  Avoid overcrowding.  Limit heavy items such as BBQ's & Planters.  Make sure you deck is properly attached to the building.  Watch out for rotted wood, missing handrails and posts.

PERSONAL SAFETY.  Be Alert for stranger or suspicious vehicles.  Travel with a companion or in a group.  If traveling alone, use a cell phone buddy until you are safely home.  ALWAYS call 911 if you are suspicious about any activity in your area.

FAMILY SAFETY.  Family Watchdog is a web site service that allows you to view registered offenders and predators in our neighborhood area.  Knowing who these people are provides you with the best defense…awareness.  Another good site is the National Crime Prevention Council.



Almost 50% of home burglars enter through an unlocked door or window.  Good locks and lighting are your best defensive against crime. (source: Chicago Police Department)

  • Make sure all doors to the outside have good locks (deadbolt with a minimum 1- 1/2 inch bolt).  Put locks on screens, storm, garage, cellar, patio doors.

  • Lock up every time you go out…even if its a few minutes.

  • Make sure ALL porches and entrances have a light of at least a 40-watt bulb.

  • Trim overgrown bushes, tree limbs or landscaping. This will prevent cover for would be thieves.

  • Never hide keys outside under a bush or flowerpot…leave a key with a neighbor instead.

  • If you recently purchased new electronics wait until the garbage pick up to put out your boxes.

  • Put your address number on your garage, so the police can easily find your property from the alley.

AUTO THEFT PREVENTION.  Minimize the opportunity of having your vehicle broken in to - a thief will break a $100 car window just to steal your $10 sunglasses.  The CPD recommends the following:

  • Always lock you vehicle and take your keys.

  • NEVER leave a spare set of keys in the vehicle. Thieves know all the hiding places.

  • Always park in a well lit area.

  • When parking, make sure the windows are tightly closed.

  • Keep all valuables out of sight…packages, phones, spare change, briefcases, clothing.

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